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New projects..

So.. 2009 rapidly approaches, its just days away..

Ive found myself short of willing victims for my produce at the end of this year, I should be more forceful and just *make* stuff, and give it to random people wether they want it or not, Id sell the stuff on ebay but heck I know tight fisted people wouldnt pay enough to cover the costs let alone the hours, and then Id have to go through all the hassle of posting and bleh… someone would whine and Id wanna go slap em a few times..

I have hopes to make a blanket or rug for a friend in 2009, assuming they let me and give me some colours and hopefully an idea of pattern they’d like..

I think in fairness I need to plan some pressies and just make them, but also this year I hope to start creating some simple patterns and selling them. Some tunisian, fillet and general afghan patterns – doubt Id get to publish any anywhere other than maybe on my site, but, heck, as long as people like them I think its worth it, theres little done in life for the fun and love of it.. Sure, if I could make a living from it, Id love to.

What do you think??

I wonder how many people even see this..

Leave me a msg. Thanks

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2 Responses to “New projects..”

  1. Chris says:

    Ah Liz, my Knitt wit of a friend! 😉

    FYI I am loving the wonderful blanket you made for me; it’s the perfect companion for Tails and I on these cold winter nights!

  2. Riley says:

    Its nice to know someone likes what I do 🙂

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