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End of day 1


Im annoyed with myself for I have merged a stitch already 🙁 but, Im sure I’ll be forgiven.

Im actually a bit concerned I may not have ordered enough wool! 40 balls sounds loads, but, to be honest.. Ive nearly finished one, and its what 5″? lets be kind and say I get 6″ from a ball of wool.. to get to 2 meters? Hey who knows.. but then I always worry about wether I have enough wool.. heck I bought 15 balls of every colour (like 5 colours) to do a 1m by 1.5m blanket once.. so.. hey.. Im the queen of over purchase..

Anyway I have a picture of the end of day 1

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  1. Chris says:

    Wow! Liz that is so awesome; you are such an excellent friend.

    My blanket and I will be as famous as Linus now!

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