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In the beginning

Everyone starts crochet, and next to nobody does anything other than make a huge mess and wonder how its done. The sad truth is very quickly you realise its not necessarily hard its just concentration that divides success from disaster.

Anything complicated in crochet is made of one of the simple stitches. Its a little like learning maths, when you learn maths you learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Then you realise actually in a way, you only need add. Why? Well if you add a negative number, you subtract, if you multiply you add something a repeated number of times, and to divde, well in argument you add a negative number until you end up unable to remove any more.. in essense, its all add.

Crochets a lot like that. You poke your hook in somewhere, you wind your yarn round it, those are the only 2 things you need to know, however, when, how much and so on, is what makes the difference.

So. What can you hope to see coming here? Well I’ll try and run through the basic stitches, to explain how to read some patterns, give you some ideas of some simple things to make and some ideas on mistakes I made and how you stop doing them.

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